2013 Year In Review

2013 Year In Review

What a fantastic year it’s been! As we start into 2014, it’s hard to believe that Payroll Connected only launched in February. Since that launch, we have been working tirelessly to make Canada’s first truly automatic payroll processing software as efficient and easy as possible, and will continue to that goal into the future as well.

The first major change was made to the scheduler, making it faster and more efficient to use than ever before. By combining all the options in one centralized location, most shifts can be entered in by the click of one submission, greatly speeding up the scheduling process.

We also began our push Eastward with the addition of Albertan and Saskatchewan Labour Standards. This not only expands our software to businesses within those provinces specifically, but also to larger companies with multiple locations in any or all of those provinces.

Further, inroads were also made on the Advertising front. Being a responsible debt-free company is important to us because we want our clients to be assured that Payroll Connected will be around for decades to come, so we haven’t taken out loans or looked for investors to launch a tens of thousands multimedia campaign. Our best advertisers are of course our clients, and their willingness to help other businesses by directing them towards Payroll Connected.

Our biggest achievement in this area was no doubt our full page feature in the Vernon Morning Star newspaper on August 11th. This kind of welcomed attention is not only a victory in exposure to local businesses, but is also an affirmation that our software is on the right track to meet the goal of making business life easier.

We hope all have had a safe and loving Christmas season and wish you all prosperity and joy in the New Year.