It all started in 2011 when the question was asked, “Why isn’t there a better way to do payroll?”

We took a look at the tools available. The large accounting software had accurate payroll modules, however it was still up to the user to calculate the amounts for overtime, vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, track accrued time, and a host of other things related to payroll. Other programs had some level of automation, but still could not comply with each province’s unique labour standards. Of course there are always the payroll services as well, however they too were using these same inaccurate tools, which result in payroll errors and lost time and money. We didn’t ask ourselves if there was a better way to do payroll processing. We asked if we could eliminate it.


Starting by creating one of the first ground-up payroll software designed for online put us ahead of the curb of other payroll companies migrating to the online realm. Each employee record had to be accurate to recognize each unique payroll situation. The payroll processing had to be as accurate as the Canada Revenue Agency’s very own Payroll Deductions Online Calculator, and each payroll had to follow each province’s unique labour standards to ensure that the rules governing overtime, vacation pay, statutory holiday pay and a host of other calculations were being done accurately and automatically.

But the last question was how will the users interface with this powerful new payroll software? The answer was through the scheduler. Recognizing that each company should be keeping accurate records of the work performed anyhow, the scheduler could be the original point of day-to-day data entry. Plus it kept data entry at such an easy level that anyone could use it, even if they know nothing about payroll. If the user could enter a start time and an end time, then they could use Payroll Connected.


With that last piece in place, Payroll Connected launched to the world in February of 2013 and has been growing steadily ever since. Canada’s first and still only fully automatic payroll processing software continues to help businesses, big and small, all across Canada, with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Located in the heart of Canada in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, the payroll revolution in only getting started.


Automatic Payment Processing Done Right