Directly Deposit Payroll

Choose Your Way to Pay

Not every business is alike, and not every employee is paid the same. Using Payroll Connected, we give you the numbers and you decide what to do with them. If you like writing cheques or even giving cash, the employee’s payslip will tell you exactly how much to pay them. However, if you don’t like buying cheques (which we suspect you do not), your employees can get their paycheques directly deposited into their bank accounts through one of our trusted electronic payment processing partners.

For companies with a few employees, Bambora is our partner of choice due to ease of use and economical pricing. Trusted since 2000, Bambora is a Canadian processing company based in Victoria, BC serving North America’s leading companies and organizations for over a decade.
For larger companies, Telpay is the way to go due to their speed and other payment abilities. Telpay is Winnipeg, Manitoba’s payment processing powerhouse, helping businesses deliver money since 1985.
Or work with your bank’s very own direct deposit format, such as RBC.

Even if you decide to use direct deposit for paycheques, you can still manually write cheques at any time if need be, or even have a combination of direct deposit and manual cheques on the same payroll run! And best of all there’s no additional cost to create the direct deposit file for client on the Pro or Elite Packages!

Automatic Payroll Processing Done Right