Referral Program

At Payroll Connected, we believe we have a great product. So great in fact that we believe nearly every business can benefit from using it to speed up their scheduling and all but eliminate their payroll processing. To help get the word out, Payroll Connected is offering up some of the best incentives in the industry to get more businesses connected, and to put more money in your pocket.

Payroll Connected offers the following referral models:

1. Existing Clients
2. Referral Partners

1. Existing Clients

Know someone else who can benefit from Payroll Connected? If they put your company name in the ‘Referred By’ field when they sign up, you will receive a repayment from Payroll Connected!

Repayment amounts are determined like this:

  1. Repayments are given based on the value of the referred business to Payroll Connected for a three month period.
  2. The amount of the repayment issued is equal to the amount we bill to the referred client over the three month period. This way, you can essentially give your business three months FREE of Payroll Connected for every business of equal or greater value you refer!
  3. Repayments are issued as part of Payroll Connected’s next monthly billing following the first three payments received from the referred client.

2. Referral Partners

Specially designed, but not limited to, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Payroll Clerks. Use the Contact Us form to join us as a Referral Partner and reap the reward for your efforts.

  • To qualify, refer at least three businesses to Payroll Connected.
  • Starting with the third referred business, all net revenue collected over a 6 month billable period from newly referred businesses will be paid back to the Referral Partner.
  • The referral payment will only be made once the collections for all six of the first billable months have been received by Payroll Connected from the referred business.

If you have any questions about our referral programs, we would love the opportunity to talk with you! Please use our Contact Us page to get the conversation started, and help more businesses get their payroll, connected!

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