Automatic Deductions

How Accurate is Accurate?

Payroll Connected automatically calculates all the required payroll deductions including EI, CPP, Income Tax, Custom Deductions (and Custom Bonuses), RRSP, Prescribed Living Zone, RPP, and all sorts of other amounts in compliance with Canadian and Provincial deduction rules and formulas.

Most every payroll program does payroll deductions (and if your current one doesn’t, it really should), but how accurate are they really? Payroll Connected worked directly with Canada Revenue Agency’s team that created their own Payroll Deduction Online Calculator to make sure of 100% accuracy and compliance. Being able to work with such a knowledgeable team and getting their okay is the next best thing to certification. Why? Because a scary truth is that there is no certification for payroll calculations or calculators in Canada, which means that if software is only “close enough”, the only time to find out that it’s not close enough is when the Auditor tell you it isn’t, which quickly becomes an uncomfortable situation (to say the least).

Automatic Payroll Processing Done Right