T4’s, ROE’s and More

The Government Wants to Know.

An ROE is not a T4 and a T4 is not an ROE. Having to complete Records Of Employment (ROE) or worse yet the annual T4’s are a special slice of misery that no one should have to endure through the manual process. Especially since these documents are often created so infrequently, that you almost need to re-learn how to make them every time!

For this reason, Payroll Connected can produce these documents accurately and in seconds. ROE’s can be created on demand by simply setting the employee to Inactive and giving them a termination date and termination code. Payroll Connected will then give you their ROE which can be printed for their own records, and will produce an electronic ROE file to upload to the Revenue Canada’s website.

Even more nagging than ROE’s though are the Annual T4 documents required to be filled out every year, which require multiple calculations and information that may have been lost throughout the year. The glorious thing about an automated system such as Payroll Connected though is that because all the employee records and details are held within the system, it can generate the Employee’s T4 documents, and the T4 Summary, using the payroll information collected throughout the year, so not only can you ensure that nothing will be missed, but this will also free up hours of time compared to other methods. Once again, the T4’s can be printed for each employee, a T4 Summary printed for the company, and an electronic file to be uploaded to the Revenue Canada’s website.

“Thanks, you guys have made my first T4 easy. I can’t wait for next year’s now. Love the program.”

– Tim O’Brien, Professor at the Pigeon Cafe, Vancouver, BC

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