Automatically calculates regular, overtime, statutory pay, vacation pay, and deductions.


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Direct deposit, deduction remittance, pay calculations, access levels, and much more.

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About Us

Payroll Connected is Canadian online payroll software, designed to calculate payroll completely automatically. Starting in July 2011, we recognized that payroll processing was still a long, tedious and error prone process, even when using the newest and most popular payroll software. Our mission became one question. Can we eliminate manual payroll processing, and keep it easy enough for anyone to use?


Mission Accomplished. By using the online scheduling software to track employee’s work, it gives this simple payroll software all the information it needs to process an entire payroll, in seconds, and by provincial labour standards. Overtime, Stat Pay, Vacation Pay, Payroll Deductions and all other calculations are done in seconds, and at 100% accuracy. Process T4s, ROEs, run reports, and even do Direct Deposit. Payroll should always be this easy!

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