Schedule, Pay and then Relax.

Automation’s a Wonderful Thing!

Because Payroll Connected is Canadian payroll software built around the provincial labour laws, it can convert employee schedules into payroll automatically without having to figure out how much an employee should be paid, if they get overtime, or what their pay is for a Statutory Holidays. In short, Payroll Connected turns payroll from a daunting, money and time consuming task, into a review and approve process.

Designed with ease of use and expansion in mind, Payroll Connected is great for many business types:

Small Businesses

Large Businesses

Corporations & Partnerships

Salary, Wage, & Averaging Pay Types

Shift Work or Set Hours

Multiple Pay Rates per Employee

Instant and Accurate

Payroll Connected has worked directly with the same people who created Canada Revenue Agency’s Online Payroll Deductions Calculator to ensure that it is 100% accurate and in compliance with all deduction formulas. The same also goes for the provincial Labour Laws in regards to calculating deductions as well as wages. Converting these laws into formulas allows Payroll Connected to process your payroll in SECONDS instead of hours, and you can have confidence that the results are accurate to the letter of the law. Why pay a payroll professional to use payroll software, when Payroll Connected can make you the payroll professional? And with support seven days a week, we’re always here to help answer any questions.

Automatic Payroll Processing Done Right