Automatic Pay Calculations

Stop Crunching Numbers!

It’s amazing that in our world of technology, most businesses still follow this pattern:


Schedule Employees for Work


On Payday, Calculate their Wage, Overtime, Vacation Pay, and Statutory Holiday Pay


Manually enter in the calculated numbers into their Payroll Software so the employees can get paid

If this three step process looks familiar to you, consider what this pattern looks like with Payroll Connected:


Schedule Employees for Work

There, you’re done! All Wages, Overtime, Vacation Pay, Statutory Holiday Pay, and so much more are calculated automatically in seconds. This has saved companies up to 800% (yes, eight hundred percent) in payroll processing costs, even if they were currently using a high end payroll processing program. For as little as $19.00 a month, this automatic online payroll software saves companies hundreds and even thousands every year off on payroll costs.

Automatic Payroll Processing Done Right