Access Levels & Security

Access Levels: Keep It Secure

Payroll Connected allows the owners to control not only who has access to the program, but also what areas they can access to ensure they can only see the information that they need to see. For all access levels, users at those levels cannot see the wages and other sensitive information, of other users at and above the same access level, making the system safe and secure. Managers have as much control as they need to have, whereas Supervisors have less control so they can schedule their employees for work, but can’t give promotions for example.

All employees are kept in detailed records, and regular employees do not have to be granted access to Payroll Connected in order to be paid by the program. However, assigning a regular employee to a lower access level can allow them to review their schedules and so on, but can only be given that access by a manager or someone else with a high enough access level to do so.

The Payroll Connected payroll software itself has four main levels of security. The first is that the program is protected via SSL Security Certificate which prevents the hijacking of sensitive data such as passwords. The second is that the site can only be accessed by those who know the URL to the program. That means that general internet users do not know how to find the program unless we or other clients tell them how to access it. The third is that each company has their own unique login name and password. This makes it easy to change one company wide password, as opposed to having to change a password for each employee (which could be very time consuming!). The fourth is that each employee that has been granted access to Payroll Connected is also given their own unique user name and password so unwanted employees can be removed from the program quickly, without having to change everyone’s password as well to do it.

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