Salary, Hourly & Averaging

Not Every Business is Alike

So whether employees are on Salary, earn an Hourly Wage, or even if they’re on a special Averaging Agreement, Payroll Connected has your covered.

Salaried Employees

Simply enter in employee’s annual salary amount, and Payroll Connected will calculate everything else, including deductions and bonuses. Although their Overtime time will still be calculated for your own records and can even be banked, their pay will still remain the same as a salaried employee, regardless of Overtime, Time Off, Vacation Time, or Statutory Holidays.

Hourly Wage

Employees on an Hourly Wage have their wage set for each job they perform. The employer has full control over what they work, when they work it, and at what wage. When it comes to processing payroll, each shift is calculated based on the employee’s wage for each shift they worked, including Overtime and Statutory Holiday Pay, to be in accordance with provincial labour laws.


Averaging Agreements are becoming more and more common in Canada’s workspaces. Worked hours can be averaged over a one week, two week, three week, or four week period. Abiding by provincial labour laws, overtime is only earned if the maximum regular hours have been worked over the chosen period.

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