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All pricing is plus applicable taxes as of Jan 1st 2024

Pricing, Fees, Processing & Other

Monthly Fee [ Includes 25 Employees ]$12.00$21.00$36.00
Extra: For each additional block of 25 employees [ above the included 25 ]**$6.00$10.50$18.00
Free: one time 'Year To Date' numbers update checkycheckychecky
Free Software Updatescheckycheckychecky
No contractcheckycheckychecky
Reports AvailableEssentialSomeAll
Priority Support: If cues are busy, jump to the front of the support line.checkychecky
**Price Increase/Decrease Automatically base on 3 month employees paid average.



Create varied or repeating employee schedules checkycheckychecky
Quickly add or delete/change shifts checkycheckychecky
Unlimited managers/users. Set their access/permission levels checkycheckychecky
Unlimited departments & locations. Viewed together or separately checkychecky
Duplicate a shift across multiple days for fast data entrycheckychecky
Quickly enter schedule by entering total hours and days worked in a period.checkychecky
Print or email employee schedules checky
Filter shifts by individual departments or locations while schedulingchecky
Different viewing modes available: All shifts by day or by weekchecky


Automatically calculate overtime and statutory holidays according to provincial labour laws checkycheckychecky
Full payroll record keepingcheckycheckychecky
Choice of payroll cycles checkycheckychecky
Pay out or accrue vacation & overtimecheckycheckychecky
Tax, EI, CPP deductions and payment reportingcheckycheckychecky
Pay & track bonuses checkycheckychecky
Pay & track taxable benefits checkycheckychecky
Print or email professional Pay Slips checkycheckychecky
Print or download professional Time Sheets checkycheckychecky
Access with smartphones or tablets checkycheckychecky
Pay Commissions to Employeescheckychecky
Pay/Reimburse employee expenses (untaxed) checkychecky
Track Sick Time and Paid Time Off (PTO)checky
Unlimited customizable data tracking fieldschecky
ROE Electronic Upload Filechecky
T4 Electronic Upload Filechecky
Print Bank Checks to Pay Employeeschecky
Payroll Direct Deposit Electronic Upload Filechecky
Payment of Payroll Deductions to the government on your behalfchecky

“Payroll Connected has saved us hours of time in accounting.”

– Vernon Teach & Learn

All prices listed are in CAD and all taxes are separate where applicable. Refund requests must be submitted to Payroll Connected 30 days post transaction date. Refunds will only be issued when there’s a failing by Payroll Connected was unable to provide satisfactory service, and refund processing may be subject to investigation by Payroll Connected and may delay refund payment up to 90 days or until the conclusion of the investigation. Transaction fees and associated fees are billed at the time of a payroll finalize through Bambora, Telpay, or other payment processing/merchant software. All other billings occur monthly on the last business day of the month or the first business day of the following month. All invoices from Payroll Connected are expected to be paid in full within 30 days of the billing date. Payroll Connected reserves the right to suspend the payroll finalization ability for accounts delinquent by 60 days or more from the billing date.

Every effort has been made by Payroll Connected to ensure that the laws of the provinces and territories where Payroll Connected is available are adhered to. Documentation is displayed where exceptions may apply and/or when the user’s actions are in violation of said laws. It is the user’s responsibility however to fully understand what their province’s and territory’s laws are and to adhere to them without the assistance of Payroll Connected. As such, Payroll Connected is free from any liability or consequence of user misuse of our software and/or circumvention of laws and/or standards, and/or violation of laws and/or standards. It is made clear to each new client what are the industry and general limitations of the Payroll Connected software and said limitations remain in place until such a time that documentation is released indicating otherwise. It is the business owner’s responsibility to notify all employees and/or partners and/or franchise owners/holders of the limitations of Payroll Connected so as to prevent incorrectly processed payroll amounts.

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