Be Different, Work Smarter

Be Smarter

Be Different, Work Smarter

Canadian Payroll Connected is different than other payroll software. Very different. In fact, we’re so different that it’s not uncommon for us to get comments like, “You should be more like QuickBooks” or “Payworks” or “ADP” or (insert whichever payroll software you’re looking to leave). Ironic, isn’t it? They call us because they want to change, but don’t like that we’re not like the one they’re leaving? I try not to let it get to me. After all, we are the ONLY payroll software that calculates payroll completely automatically. If our competitors were really that good, shouldn’t they be able to do that too? Heck, we ain’t no Ceridian, but we still managed to figure it out. How? Because we look at payroll differently.

Calculations are the Same, the Journey’s Different

How do Sage, Payworks, Paymate, or (insert your most hated payroll software) work? Because they’re people powered. The people is you. YOU sit there and calculate the Overtime, the Statutory Holiday Pay, the total hours. Some even make you figure the Vacation Pay or even Regular Wages! You’re basically the payroll software’s calculator! Sure, they calculate CPP, EI and Tax. That’s the basic bare minimum for any payroll software, and often that’s also the maximum. If you really want to pony up the bucks though, you can enlist the help of a payroll processing house like ADP or Ceridian. Then instead of you sitting and crunching the number, THEY sit and crunch the numbers (at an outrageous cost because now they’re basically your employee at that point).

How is Canadian Payroll Connected Any Different?

Because with us, all you do is tell it how many hours an employee worked and on which days. That’s it. No complex calculations. No in depth knowledge of labour standards. No tracking of year to date numbers. None of that! Just 80 hours over ten days, and your payroll’s done! I bet that sounds simple? A little too simple? But it is that simple.
Because Canadian Payroll Connected’s single point of data entry are the employee’s schedules, it’s not only able to calculate your payroll automatically based on those shifts, but it does it by your province’s own labour standards. That’s a HUGE deal, because payroll calculations for Vacation, Overtime and Statutory Holiday Pay vary greatly from province to province.

With Canadian Payroll Connected, not only do you get to use this unique, one of a kind payroll software, that calculates payroll automatically in seconds, but it’s also at one of the lowest prices in the industry. If all this sounds like it could be a benefit to your business, then Try it Free for 30 Days, and give it a go. If you need help, we’re here from 7am to 7pm CST 7 days a week, so there’s really nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Be productive. Be smart. Be different.



Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash