Canadian Payroll Software

Canadian Payroll Software

Canadian Payroll Software

Payroll Software is okay. Canadian Payroll Software is better. However if you really want the best payroll there is, you need to get Payroll Software specifically tailored for your province. And the only Province Specific Payroll Software there is, is Payroll Connected. So what’s the difference between Payroll Software, Canadian Payroll Software and Payroll Connected?

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Standard Payroll Software

Payroll Software is basic. YOU have to calculate the time employees work, the overtime, Statutory Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay and even the payroll deductions. If you’re going to go to all that work, the Canada Revenue Agency offers that service for free!

Canadian Payroll Software is a step up. It may (or may not) be able to be programmed to calculate shift length and perhaps even overtime. Good Canadian Payroll Software can even calculate Vacation Pay and Payroll Deductions. But why stop there when you can have a simple payroll software that does it all?

Automatic Payroll Software – Payroll Connected

Payroll Connected is Canada’s first and only fully automatic payroll software. Of course it can calculate Overtime, Vacation Pay, and Payroll Deductions, but it can also calculate Statutory Holiday Pay, track accrued Vacation or Overtime Pay, generate ROE’s and T4’s, and it is the only payroll software that adheres to Provincial Labour standards. That is why Payroll Connected is the only Payroll Software tailored for your province. It’s not a catch-all solution for every province; it’s been specifically programmed for each province’s specific labour standards.

If payroll sounds complicated and time consuming, that’s because it can be. That’s why we designed Canada’s first fully automatic payroll software to do it all for you! Just schedule your employees for work, and you’re done! No calculations, no complicated formulas, and no in-depth knowledge of Provincial Labour Standards required. Though you could pay more for a system that does less, Payroll Connected is reasonably priced, starting at just $19 per month, because we believe that business owners are busy enough without having to worry about payroll.

“Payroll Connected is the only Canadian Payroll Software. It is not a catch-all solution for every province; it has been specifically programmed for each province’s specific labour standards.”

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Automatic Canadian Payroll Software = Payroll Simplified.