Get Your Payroll Connected!

Get Your Payroll Connected!

Today is an amazing day to be a business owner because today is the day that payroll becomes easy. So simple that it can be done in hours and not days, or minutes and not hours. This day marks the launch of Payroll Connected™, and payroll will never be looked at the same way again.

Payroll Connected bridges the gap between Schedule and Payroll that no other software has bridged before. It brings you a complete and connected payroll system, so easy to use that payroll can be done on anything with a web browser. The Scheduler is so easy to use that it makes it impossible to schedule employees that you haven’t approved to work for a department or location, and through the ‘Weekly View’ allows you to clearly and quickly see what shifts need to be filled. Then, when it comes to finalizing a payroll at the pay period’s end, you need not make a single calculation! Just review the information that we process from the schedules, and sign off that it’s correct. Payroll Connected literally takes the long, time consuming, data crunching tasks of payroll processing and reduces it to a review and approve process.

Payroll for Any Size

Even though that may all sound amazing, and it is for sure, probably the most amazing part about Payroll Connected is that it’s designed for small businesses, medium businesses, and even large businesses. That’s right! There’s no special software for you, you, and you! It’s an adaptable solution for businesses of any size, and most importantly the perfect solution for your business and we’d love the opportunity to show you why. With an infinite trial period and no upfront costs, it’s worth your while and your budget to see how Payroll Connected can save you money, and make your business more efficient.

So, after a long time coming, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Payroll Connected! The software so simple that even our tag line is simple: It’s payroll, connected.™