Hire a Payroll Professional at just $19 per Month!

Hire a Payroll Professional

Hire a Payroll Professional at just $19 per Month!

What if I told you could hire a payroll professional of over ten years that would be willing to process as many payrolls as you want for just $19 per month, and all you would need to do is to tell me what hours your employees worked. Would that be the kind of offer you’d be interested in? You wouldn’t need to make calculations for overtime, or statutory holiday pay or even vacation pay. Just tell me the hours worked, and I’ll take it from there.

Most any employer with even just one employee can recognize the value of this offer. After all, you pay pretty much any employee around that amount per hour, let alone per month. Just think about how much money can be saved by paying just $19 for a whole month!

So wha-da-ya say? Should we get started? Great!
As you can imagine though, at that price, I’m a pretty popular guy. So to make things easier, would you mind entering the hours into an online program so I can access them from anywhere when they’re ready?
It’s really easy to do. You will? Then we have a deal!

But then again, why bother?


Because the software that you used to send me your hours, is also the software that calculates the entire payroll. Completely automatically.

So in essence, as soon as you entered the hours, the software was able to calculate your payroll completely automatically. Not only the overtime, vacation and statutory holiday pay by your province’s labour standards, but also the federal tax deductions as well. Not only that, but it also emailed the pay slips to your employees, and summarized all the numbers to get them ready to be posted to your bookkeeping, and added the data to all available reports.
Is that all that I, or rather it did for you? Heck no!

Unlike the CRA’s Payroll Deduction Online Calculation, PayrollConnected.com also kept track of your Year to Date numbers, collected data so you can print a government payroll deductions remittance report, and you can even print a Record of Employment report with this data if you need to.

If that all sounds too good to be true at just $19 per month, well it’s not! Sure, you could hire a payroll professional, an actual person, to do the job but it sure won’t be at just $19 a month and there’s bound to be human error in calculations. So why not sign up for a completely Free 30 Day Trial right now and see how amazingly easy payroll can be for just the price of a restaurant meal a month.


Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash