New Year, New Payroll Software

new payroll software

New Year, New Payroll Software

As we nestle in under the chilled white blanket of winter and our thoughts get into holiday mode, it’s easy to forget that in just a couple weeks it’s the end of the old Payroll Year and the start of a new. Unlike a fiscal year end, the payroll year end is the same for all companies. Have you done your PIER Reviews yet? Are there monies still owing to employees before the last paycheque? Do you have everything you need to send out your T4’s before February 28th, 2015? And one last thing: are you going to keep using your current payroll system for another 365 days, or get a new payroll software?

Although companies can transition near seamlessly into Payroll Connected at any time of the year, with the new payroll year many companies choose this time to also start using new payroll software. But out of all the payroll software out there, why would a company choose Payroll Connected over the others? For starters, it’s online and therefore accessible from anywhere in the world. Secondly it’s Canada’s first and only fully automatic payroll processing software so payroll is done in seconds instead of hours. However at this seasonal time of year when a company is either running at maximum staffing levels for retail or winter type businesses, or winding down to minimum levels if summer is the operating specialty, it’s good to know that Payroll Connected bills only for the employees that are being paid.

What’s that mean anyways? It means that if you have 50 employees in the summer, but only 5 in the winter, then you will only be billed for those 5 employees during the winter, instead of most other software that charges based on your maximum operating potential annually. By using this flexible type of billing, the companies that use Payroll Connected not only save money on combining their scheduling and payroll software into one, and save money by spending less time processing payroll, but they’re also saving money at their slowest time, which also happens to be the time when there’s the least amount of money to go around. By using this real time flexible billing, companies that use Payroll Connected will never feel the pinch when the pennies aren’t there to be pinched.

So even if you miss the start of the payroll year to transition to a new payroll system, remember that we’re also here all year long. And since we enter your Year To Date numbers for you, you can change to a better payroll system on any of the other 364 days as well, and not just on day number 1. Click here for a free trial of Payroll Connected.