Payroll Connected is Payroll Simplified

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Payroll Connected is Payroll Simplified

When we launched Payroll Connected in February of last year to make payroll simplified, we tossed around a few ideas of how to describe our revolutionary software in a few words. In the end, we were trying to describe too many facets about the program so we couldn’t find that sweet word combination that best describes our software. We settled on, “It’s Payroll, Connected.”

This not only gave a double-shot of our product name, but the phrase is also simple, like our software is to use. However, with a year of public use in the books, we have now found the essence of what makes Payroll Connected so special compared to other solutions available. What makes Payroll Connected unique is that it’s Payroll Simplified.

Better Payroll Does More

Payroll Connected in essence is payroll simplified. No other software available today can process an entire payroll, including statutory holiday pay, vacation pay, and multiple pay levels, by simply scheduling employees for work. It’s this simplicity that’s building the word of mouth and with that the reputation that’s so vital to our continued growth.

In addition though, Payroll Simplified is more than just a tag line, it is also a new payroll evaluation service that we will be launching later this year that any business can take advantage of, even if they are not using the Payroll Connected software! More about that service later, but until then remember that Payroll Connected is Payroll Simplified. To learn more, check out our pricing and features page.