Payroll Connected Sponsors the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC)

Payroll Connected Sponsors the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC)

Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

Payroll Connected is pleased to announce our new sponsorship with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC). The IPBC is a nationwide group of administrative professional and business owners that can rely on each other for assistance, learning, business referrals, and most importantly education on how to better serve their clients, as well as refine their methods to make their own business more efficient and in turn generate greater income.

As this year marks Payroll Connected as a Canada wide product, able to serve provinces from coast to coast, the sponsorship of an invaluable and well established nationwide organization such as IPBC is an important step to bringing the unparalleled automation that only Payroll Connected can provide to all business types across this great country. We were invited by the IPBC to come and see their annual conference held right here in the sunny Okanagan valley and what we saw were accredited business and administrative professionals who genuinely care about the products and services they offer, but more importantly have a willingness to change in a world of ever faster technology. The IPBC embraces the concept that Payroll Connected was built upon; working smarter, not harder.

The concept of value is an important one in business. As administrative professionals, your services are of value to the businesses that utilise them. Accuracy is of the upmost importance, today just as it was in decades past, however as software advances stream line the tasks that make up that accuracy, that does not meant that the job you do is of any less value. The IPBC and their partners are actively encouraging administrative professionals and business owners alike to change their thinking in this ever changing environment. To not base their income solely on how much work is put in, but rather the quality of the results that are delivered by those methods.

Thanks to break through software like Payroll Connected, and forward thinkers like the IPBC, administrative professionals can once again feel good about charging a fair fee for the results they produce, and do it not by working longer hours, but by instead working smarter and billing for the results instead of billing for the time used.

We look forward to a long lasting sponsorship with the IPBC and any assistance our software can lend its members, and encourage all business owners and administrative professionals to check out the IPBC website at and see how they can help you reach your professional goals.