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Payroll Preview

How many times have you had to correct an employee’s paycheck? How many times have you, yourself, purchased something sight-unseen? The two are related because if you could have done a payroll preview before the employee payslips were given to them, chances are the mistakes could have been corrected before the employee found them first. It looks bad on you as an employer, and it’s bad for the employee as well because they then have to wait for a correction.

Payroll Connected is the solution to payroll turmoil however. By using this simple payroll software as a scheduler, you can generate a preview of your payroll at any time, and also create it for any date you want. Like this, you can even forecast what the payroll will look like, weeks in advance of the actual pay period end date. It only takes a few seconds to process, it follows all the labour laws, and it’s the most accurate system available in Canada today. And best of all, the payroll previews are free! Yes, free!

“Payroll Preview free and done in seconds!”

Quite frankly we were shocked to hear that some of our competitors charge for payroll previews. Up to $25.00 or more in fact. Then you have to wait hours for them to generate it for you. To us, this seems like paying to take a car on a test drive. It just doesn’t make any sense! If these are truly modern times, then you deserve a modern solution. With Payroll Connected, just enter in the pay period end date, and let it run. Then review the prepared time sheets and pay slips to ensure everything is accurate. That’s it. If something needs to be changed, just go back, change it and run the payroll preview again. So easy to use, our clients report that their payroll can be done in up to five minutes. This is just one more way that Payroll Connected is Payroll Simplified.