Payroll Software for your New Business

New Business Payroll Software

Payroll Software for your New Business

Starting a business is a very exciting and also a very uncertain time. You did your research, preparation, purchasing, organization, and now you’re ready to put months or even years of work into action. But do you have the right payroll software for your new business? If you have staff, a very important aspect of business is how the payroll is done. Often payroll is one of the most trying things to change, and so choosing the right payroll software at the start is often paramount to keeping good staff, and making sure everything is paid correctly.

Payroll Connected should be one of the top choices of payroll software for your new business, and here’s why. Not only is it Canada’s only fully automatic payroll processing software, but it also adheres to your province’s unique labour laws. So instead of figuring out overtime, you can be making sales. Instead us using a spreadsheet to figure out statutory holiday pay, you can be attracting more customers. And, most importantly instead of writing paychecks, you can be depositing your profits.

Even More Payroll Software Features!

If you need even more reasons why this is the perfect payroll software for your new business, consider how much time, effort, and frustration can be saved by using direct deposit, not only to pay your employees, but to pay your payroll deductions at the same time as well! When you finish a payroll in Payroll Connected, simply upload the payment file to your preferred payment processor, and you’re done! This invaluable hour saving feature is not only convenient, but we also offer it at no additional cost, meaning that for our one low price, you can be doing more work automatically than ever before, and saving money all the while that you’re doing it!

You know what else the payroll software for your new business needs? How about a reliable scheduler? Or maybe in-depth payroll reports? Technical support 7 days a week, reliability and accuracy, access from anywhere around the globe, multiple layers of security, and the list goes on and on. You started your business to follow your passion. Well, our passion is payroll, and we do it very, very well. So sign up today for a free trial and find out why Payroll Connected is the right payroll software for your new business.