Simple Payroll Software

Simple Payroll Software

Simple Payroll Software

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How can simple payroll software change a business? That is the single question that Payroll Connected was built upon. Although there are lots of choices when it comes to selecting a payroll software, and many of them do automate some processes that have been traditionally time consuming tasks, a business should look for a complete payroll solution. If the goal is to truly save time and money, then even simple payroll software should be able to save time where it counts the most.Easy Payroll Software

Does it consider Provincial Labour Standards?

Each province and territory in Canada is different and unique, including the labour standards that govern the treatment of employees and fair wages of their residents. Whether it’s the 44 hour weekly overtime calculations in Ontario, the complicated Statutory Holiday Pay calculations of Alberta, or the Double-Overtime calculations of BC, even though your business may only operates in one province, the payroll software you choose should be one that cares enough about adhering to those standards to incorporate them into the programming.

Does it automatically calculate Overtime and Statutory Holiday Pay?

If your payroll involves a spreadsheet with formulas to calculate Overtime or Statutory Holiday Pay, then that’s a waste of valuable time that can be put to better use within the company. Overtime is one of the most basic calculations, but it’s also a time consuming one since each shift that each employee works must be evaluated, and in some cases even calculated, to determine if there is any overtime wages owed for the day or the week. Then, those same shifts must be considered a second time if a Statutory Holiday falls within the pay period. That’s twice as much work than is necessary because advanced but simple payroll software such as Payroll Connected can eliminate both of those manual calculations, and can also ensure that it’s calculated properly every time.

Does it have a scheduler integrated with the payroll processing?

This may not be that obvious at first, but if your company has one method for scheduling and another method or software for payroll processing, then you’re doing double the work for each employee’s schedules. By using software that integrates the scheduling directly with the payroll processing, each shift only need be entered and considered one time. If that shift is correct the first time, then there will be no errors from copying it or calculating its length, and certainly no time lost from manual work or calculations. By having the scheduler integrated directly the payroll software a solid record of each employee is kept in one place, which allows in-depth reports to be generated at will, and simplifies payroll processing.