Better Payroll starts with Better Pricing

Better Payroll

Better Payroll starts with Better Pricing

Payroll Connected is designed from the ground up to be a better payroll solution than the others available. For that reason we designed it to be fully automatic. In fact all it needs to know is who worked when, and then that’s it! Payroll done! Pack up and go home.

But just because it’s better payroll software, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Which brings us to today, because starting today, we’ve completely reworked our pricing scheme. Instead of billing per employee per payroll, it’s now changed to a flat and clean monthly fee based on how many employees have been paid. No multiplying or confusing flow charts. Just one easy fee every month.

The new pricing breaks down like this. For Light Package users, it’s $19 if you have 25 or less employees, $28.50 if 21 – 50 employees, and $37.50 if 51 employees or more. For those on the Pro and Elite packages it’s $34 for 25 or less employees, $51.00 for 21 – 50, and $68.00 for companies with more than 51 employees. One monthly fee, and way more simple than before!

Fair pricing is better pricing, making the best payroll software in Canada even better.