How to Calculate Stat Pay in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Statutory Holiday Pay

How to Calculate Stat Pay in Saskatchewan

For most businesses in our home prairie province, how to calculate stat pay in Saskatchewan is just one of those things that needs to be addressed. Happy employees equals better productivity, and what better way to keep employees happy than to pay them what they’re owed, right? But whether you call it Public Holiday Pay in Saskatchewan, or long form Statutory Holiday Pay, it won’t change the fact that having to calculate it is a bit of payroll misery.

Luckily though, there is one payroll software solution that actually calculates this long and tedious task automatically. If that sounds like a good idea to you too, then please do click here to sign up for a free 30 day free trial of Payroll Connected (Canada’s ONLY fully automatic payroll processing software), and for as low as just $12 per month, you can let the software take this misery away. Like magic! But, if you’re not yet ready to make that leap into the future, the please follow the steps below.

Calculating Stat Pay in Saskatchewan

The good news is that the calculation for Public Holiday Pay in Saskatchewan is fairly straight forward. The bad news is that it takes quite a bit of time (which is why Payroll Connected basically pays for itself).

1. To start with the calculation, the first step is to add up all the applicable earnings for the employee in the 28 day period previous to the Statutory Holiday. This includes Regular Wages, Vacation Pay, Commission, and Statutory Holiday Pay (applicable for New Year’s Day as it includes Christmas Day). Notice that Overtime is not to be included.

2. Also add up the hours that the employee worked within the same period.

3. Now multiply these two number by 5% to arrive at your Stat Pay amount and the Insurable Hours they’re allowed to claim for this Statutory Holiday.
As an example, if an employee working for a year is being paid $15.00 per hour, and they always work an 8 hour day, the calculation would be like this:

  • Every week they work 5 days x 8 hours per day = 40 hours
  • In the 28 days previous to the Stat Day, there are four work weeks, so 4 weeks x 40 hours = 160 hours in the 28 day period.
  • 160 hours x their wage of $15 per hour = $2,400.00 in Regular Wages
  • $2,400.00 x the Vacation Rate of (3/52 = 5.77%) = $138.48
  • In Saskatchewan employees earn vacation pay on Vacation Paid. Since this employee is not accruing (or saving up) their vacation pay, we need to apply the rate again on the Vacation pay, like this: $138.48 x 5.77% = $7.99
  • Now add all these amounts together to get the Wages for the period: $2,400.00 + $138.48 + $7.99 = $2,546.47
  • And lastly, we can now calculate the Stat Pay for this one employee:
    • $2546.47 x 5% Stat Rate = $127.32 Stat Pay
    • 160 Hours x 5% Stat Rate = 8 Insurable Hours

Now repeat these same steps for every employee.

Tedious, Yes, But You Can Avoid it

If that seems like a time waster, check our Payroll Connected’s pricing page and see if maybe the smarted bang for your buck is to let our professional software do all the heavy lifting for you instead. Calculating Statutory Holiday Pay in Saskatchewan is essential, even if it is a bit of a lengthy process, so be sure keep good time sheets and work records to help your work flow when it comes to payroll. Or you can click here if you want the rules straight from the government’s website. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

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