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Free Online Scheduler

Payroll Connected has a name that describes exactly what we do. We make your payroll connected. But the part that’s often missed when looking at our website, brochures, and other materials is that it all starts with our free online scheduler. That’s right, free.

We know that there are LOTS of pay-to-use schedulers available online and for download. However, the ‘free’ ones aren’t worth your time because they’re for ‘a limited time only’, riddled with ads, or force you to be added to some mailing list. The pay ones can be great pieces of software, but cost money to use, and by the time you’re done with it, all you have is just a schedule! That schedule then has to be given to your payroll clerk or payroll company, and then pay them even more money to process the payroll. Now we’re talking big dollars, and your haven’t even paid your employees yet!

Free Scheduler, Instant Payroll

With Payroll Connected though, our Online Scheduler is free to use for all Payroll Connected clients who finalize their payroll through our software. Make all the schedules you want! You can then print the schedules and give them to your employees, or even have them emailed directly to them. The online schedules, as well as the printed form, are highly detailed, showing the employee when they work, where they work, and at what job or department. Further, thanks to Payroll Connected’s smart time, creating the schedules is a fast process, so intuitive that anyone can use it; even if they’re not comfortable with computers.

The beauty of our online scheduler though is what you can do with those schedules when pay day comes around. By entering in the pay period’s end date, Payroll Connected will display the finished payroll within seconds! No more sending time sheets to ANOTHER place to pay ANOTHER person to analyze and process them. No more human error in the time sheet copying process. It’s all done right here, by your province’s labour laws, as accurate as the Canada Revenue Agency’s online deduction calculator, with one piece of software.