Online Payroll Calculator

Online Payroll Calculator for deductions

Online Payroll Calculator

Looking for an Online Payroll Calculator that does more? Not only does Payroll Connected calculate CPP, EI and Income Tax, but it also calculates Statutory Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay and Overtime, by your province’s own unique labour standards, to produce a professional and highly detailed yet easy to read pay slip in seconds. Don’t settle for payroll software that does any less, because with Payroll Connected you can be doing more for less. Less time muddling through payroll calculations, and more free time to do with whatever you want!

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Free Online Payroll Calculator?

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC) is a great free and accurate tool, but it doesn’t save data. This means that every pay period you’re starting from scratch. Also, because the CRA operates federally, this tool doesn’t incorporate labour standards of individual provinces that businesses operate in. That means that you have to figure out the vacation pay, overtime, stat pay, and track the Year to Date numbers. Are you a payroll expert with time to sit and figure out things like overtime, statutory holiday pay and vacation pay? What an error-prone time waster! Not to mention that when (not ‘if’) you need to make a Record of Employment (ROE) or T4s at year end, you’re on your own because the PDOC doesn’t offer any help for making these.

The Complete Payroll Solution – Payroll Connected

However there is a better way. A solution that accomplishes both accurate payroll deductions and wage calculations by provincial labour standards. Payroll Connected has combined these two necessities of payroll into one fully automatic wage and deduction payroll calculator. By using Payroll Connected’s free online scheduler, employee wages can be calculated instantly and on demand using the payroll processor. Payroll is calculated in seconds (not hours or minutes) by provincial labour standards and CRA’s very own payroll deduction formulas. Gain the advantage of being able to preview a payroll at any time, as often as you’d like. Go from start to finish in seconds with payslips emailed right to your employees with the click of a mouse. All payroll should be this easy.

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The online payroll calculator that does more for less; More calculations, more accuracy, and a LOT less time.

Try it free for 30 days with no contracts or commitments and we’re sure you’ll see why Payroll Connected is payroll simplified. Join the growing number of businesses across Canada that found out how easy payroll can be.