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online payroll software

Online Payroll Software

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Online Payroll Software is becoming more and more the evolution of business today. The freedom of having access from anywhere on the globe and with any internet enabled device gives your business an unprecedented level of control and insight into both online payroll, and online scheduling, to better manage your business. Payroll Connected is not only Canada’s first automatic payroll processing software, but we were also one of the first purpose built online payroll software because we knew, even back when we started, that this is the future of business today.

There are many online payroll services out there. They take your numbers, manually crunch them, then they themselves use payroll software to make your paychecks. Payroll Connected though, is online payroll software that REPLACES an online payroll service! Because each province’s unique labour standards have been baked right into the software, just enter your employee schedules, and the software figures out all the rest. It makes YOU the payroll expert.

Even Better than Just Online Payroll Software

Payroll Connected is an automatic Online Payroll Software, which means that once you use our Online Scheduler to create your employee schedules, the payroll is essentially completed. This translates to greater accuracy, less human error, and unparalleled control over your business. By reducing the amount of manual data entry to just the employee schedules, and removing the whole processing side of the equation by making it an automated process, there is little chance of human error on the scheduling side, and no chance of human error on the payroll processing side.

The advantages of harnessing the power of the right payroll software are pretty amazing. Payroll emergency while on vacation? Take 10 minute and resolve it on your phone instead of worrying about it for days. Have unique payment needs? Do direct deposit and paper checks or cash all on the same payroll. Had a sick kid on payroll day? No worries! Finish the payroll up from home. The modern office space is evolving, so why not thrive?

Using a proven Online Payroll Software to improve efficiency is the way of the future for small and large businesses alike. Choosing Canada’s first fully automatic online scheduling and online payroll software combination in Payroll Connected, is not only the best way to ensure accuracy and speed, but is also the best way to keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket, where they belong.