Paycheck is Correct? We can verify it!

Paycheck is Correct

Paycheck is Correct? We can verify it!

If you’re an employee who stumbled upon this page, you’re most likely looking to see if you paycheck is correct. Maybe it’s your first paycheck. Maybe you’ve been working for a while and finally decided to understand what all the numbers mean. Or maybe you took a look at your most recent paycheck and though, “Wait a minute! Something doesn’t look right.” Well we are here to help.

We offer evaluation of paychecks at no cost to employees in the provinces that we service (BC, AB, SK, MB and ON). Why? Because at Payroll Connected we believe the only fair payroll is one that follows all the labour laws and standards. That way it’s fair to everyone involved. To get started with checking if your paycheck is correct, simply send us an email and describe what you need help with regarding your paycheck.

We will respond with what further information we may need and will see if your paycheck is correct. Note that this may require a scanned or picture of your paycheck be sent to us, depending on the question. Once we evaluate the information, we can tell you exactly how the numbers are calculated, and also if any of them are incorrect.

Ensuring Everyone’s Paycheck is Correct

Why is this important to us? Because the fact is that there is absolutely no official certification for indicating that a payroll processor is doing their jobs correctly. Every province has their own unique labour rules on paycheck calculations, and every province also has little gotcha laws that can be difficult to understand or that are straight up ignored, which can result in tens or even hundreds of dollars being underpaid or overpaid throughout a year. We designed Payroll Connected to be the fairest and most accurate payroll software available in Canada, so for that reason it’s important to us that not only your paycheck is correct, but for all of Canadians as well. Only like that is it fair for everyone. Employer and employee.