Payroll Solution for Canadian Businesses

payroll solution for Canadian businesses

Payroll Solution for Canadian Businesses

The term payroll solution suggest that there is a payroll problem, just begging to be solved, like some grand Sherlock Holmes mystery. “Careful now Watson, deductions are afoot!”

If payroll processing is indeed a problem, then Payroll Connected is definitely the solution. Why? Because Payroll Connected is the only Canadian payroll solution that does almost everything fully automatically.

Let’s face it. The real payroll problem isn’t having to pay the employees. The real problem is now much time it takes to do payroll, and how much that time costs to arrive at the paycheque numbers. Gross pay, net pay, vacation, overtime and stat pay all need to be accurate and by the letter of the provincial labour laws, not to mention the EI, CPP and tax deductions required by Revenue Canada. All that can take HOURS to calculate, unless you’re using the right payroll solution.

Automatic Payroll Solution

See all those things that were mentioned in the previous paragraph? Imagine them being done in seconds instead of hours. Payroll Connected is the only Canadian business payroll solution that takes employee schedules and converts them into detailed and highly accurate pay stubs in seconds and on demand. For a smaller business, payroll can be done in a few minutes, and larger businesses save hours in payroll processing, even if they’re already using another type of payroll software.

When searching for a payroll solution, there are lots of competing products and services available. Many of them are offered at a lower price than Payroll Connected. But in the end, either you end up having to do most of the calculating yourself, or you have to spend hundreds of dollars paying someone else to do it for you (and in the end, you still have a payroll problem). Businesses that use Payroll Connected not only save hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but also get exactly what they’ve been searching for: a complete payroll solution that includes instant payroll calculations, scheduling, reports, direct deposit, deduction remittances and even ROE’s and T4’s all for the same price.

Payroll Problem Solved!

The most amazing thing about the businesses that use Payroll Connected is that instead of talking about payroll problems, they just talk about payroll. That’s because when there finally is a payroll solution, there’s no more problem to be resolved. After all you’re in business to serve your clients, not to process payroll. Sign up for a free trial and discover how Payroll Connected really is payroll simplified.