Small Business Payroll Software

small business payroll software

Small Business Payroll Software

Even if you have just one employee, payroll is a necessity of day to day business for small business owners across Canada. However, unless your business is bookkeeping, you didn’t get into business to learn all the ins and outs of payroll. Being a smart small business owner, you go searching for a payroll solution to make payroll as efficient and low cost as possible. However even though you look for small business payroll software, most need a fairly good understanding of provincial labour standards to use because they don’t automatically calculate things like vacation pay and statutory holiday pay or even basic overtime correctly.

Why would you want to bother with that? You have a business to run. Especially since as of right now, you no longer need to.

Small Business Payroll Software: Fully Automated

Payroll Connected is small business payroll software. Small business payroll is in fact one of the reasons we created this software in the first place. So that business owners like you can process your payroll without having to know all the intricacies of the labour standards. With Payroll Connected, all you need to do is schedule your employees for work using the easy to use free online scheduler. Once the schedules are entered in, you can then preview the payroll (also at no cost) to see how much the payroll will be in advance of the work even being done.

All the calculations are done automatically, by your provincial labour standards, based on the schedules entered in. Using the schedules alone it can calculate overtime, vacation pay and even statutory holiday pay. Our unique small business payroll software uses the employee schedules as a template for processing the payroll. So if the schedules are correct, then the payroll is correct. It’s just that simple. It even automatically creates Records of Employment (ROE’s) and the annual T4’s at year’s end.

Costing just $30 per month for a small business, it’s less expensive than hiring a bookkeeper, which keeps more money in your pockets. You don’t need an expensive, complicated or low end solution. What you need is small business payroll software that understands your needs. Sign up today for a free trial and find out why Payroll Connected truly is payroll simplified.