Vancouver Payroll Service

Vancouver payroll service

Vancouver Payroll Service

Many people come to our site looking for a payroll service, and indeed being located right here in BC, the majority of people from BC that come to our site are looking for a Vancouver payroll service. Even though we do offer a payroll service, where we take care of your payroll for you, what you’ve found here is even better than what you set out to find. Why? Because you’ve found BC’s only fully automatic payroll processing software.

A Vancouver Payroll Service or Automatic Payroll Software?

Why should you be excited to find this payroll software instead of a Vancouver payroll service? Because it all comes down to time, money and accuracy. BC labour standards have some of the most complex rules regarding overtime, vacation pay, and statutory holiday pay in all of Canada. When you enlist the help of any Vancouver payroll service, you send them your schedules, and then you pay them to sit and calculate all the payroll values based on those schedules. However, if there was a better and faster way to process payroll with a guaranteed level of accuracy and a lower cost, does it not make more sense to forgo a Vancouver payroll service in favour of a better, faster and more accurate payroll software?

With Payroll Connected, you don’t have to be a payroll genius to get your payroll processed accurately and in seconds. All you need to do is create your employee schedules and that’s it. Scheduling is something you’re doing anyhow if using a payroll service so it won’t take any more time to do. If the schedules are correct, then the payroll is correct. It really is that simple.

Once the schedules are entered in, a preview of your payroll can be processed at any time for free. It only takes a few seconds to do, and it gives you more control of your business than outsourcing the responsibility. By previewing the payroll, if anything was missed (like if Jenny needs to be reimbursed for some equipment she purchased), you can go back and add it to the payroll, and then process a preview again. Once you approve the payroll, it is then finalized and you’re done. Your payroll could have literally been done in the time it took to read this article, even if you know nothing about the BC payroll calculations.

Simple Payroll Software Does the Work For You

Did you know that an employee must work 15 shifts in the 30 days prior to a statutory holiday to qualify for stat pay? Or that if an employee works 7 days without a 32 hour break you have to pay them time and a half for a whole shift? With Payroll Connected, you don’t have to. And by using Payroll Connected to schedule your employees for work before the work has been done, you can preview the payroll in advance of the work being done to find even more places to save money. With all this starting at just $30.00 a month, maybe it’s worth your while to try it for free and get your payroll connected.