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Canada Payroll Software

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After three years of development, we are pleased to announce that Payroll Connected is available for nearly every province in the best country in the world. Though we live as one united country, every province has its own flavour of labour standards, which is something that until now no other software has accounted for. Payroll Connected follows provincial labour standards of each province our software is used in. For this reason, Payroll Connected is Ontario payroll software, BC payroll software, and on and on, meaning in short we are the only true Canada payroll software, custom made for each great province and territory we service.

Canada payroll software should be more than just payroll software with a maple leaf on the logo. True Canada payroll software should take into account not only the federal payroll calculations required by the Canada Revenue Agency, but also the individual differences for each province and territory, which is why we feel that our online payroll software is the only actual Canadian payroll software there is, and can back that up with every payroll our online software processes.

How specialized is this software?

Here’s a few interesting items to consider.
Did you know:

  1. In BC all regular hours worked over 12 hours in a day are paid at double time?
  2. In Alberta an employee only qualifies to receive statutory holiday pay if they have worked at least five days in the previous nine weeks of work, on whichever day of the week the holiday lands on? (ex: Five of the previous nine Mondays)
  3. In Ontario overtime is calculated strictly on a weekly basis? (There is no Daily Overtime)

Those are just a sample of how diverse the labour standards are from province to province, and also illustrates just some of the many calculations that Payroll Connected considers automatically every time a payroll is run. Even the online scheduling software in Payroll Connected watches as you schedule to advise as you go in real time. Thank you to all the businesses who support our software and we look forward to improving your experience with every update.