How to Make a T4

How to Make a T4

How to Make a T4

How to make a T4 can be as easy as this:

Step 1: Click on ‘Create T4s’ in the Pay Info. tab of the Employee record.

Review, and you’re done!

I do apologize if you came to this article looking for the actual whole process of how to create a T4, however it’s now the year two thousand and change. We have more technology in a watch than an entire computer lab had back in college. So if you haven’t already automated your payroll process, then maybe the fact that you’re searching for, “How to make a T4,” is a good indicator that it’s time to make the step for the New Year, and get your payroll simplified.

ROE’s and T4’s are those annoying things that businesses, and especially small businesses, don’t have to do that often. T4’s are once a year, and ROE’s are even longer than that (if you’re lucky). So whenever you have to make them, it feels like the first time every time. So you open the internet and do a Google search, find a site, much like this, and learn it all over again. The fact is that as a business owner, you’re not a payroll expert, and nor should you have to be.

Payroll Expert In Your Pocket

With easy to use payroll software, like Payroll Connected, not only do you have a great scheduler, and get your payroll processed in seconds, and get useful reports, but you also get those annoying periodic documents, like T4’s and ROE’s, created so easily, you’ll have hours saved to spend on other things. But what about cost? Starting at $30.00 a month, it’s the equivalent of paying a professional payroll clerk for two hours of work.

However, since all of this comes too late to help with last year’s numbers though, here is the CRA’s T4 information site to help with this time around:

But for this new year, contact us and get your payroll simplified. Because, in the time it took to read all this, you’re T4’s could have been done by now, instead of just starting on them.